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"We use the word 'diverse' when we really mean people of color, or specifically Black, Asian, Indigenous or Latinx. The problem with that is we are all diverse, so when we say we are focused on 'diversity,' that means everyone.

It doesn't lend itself to changing our practices to have different, more inclusive outcomes."

Omari Aarons

Founder and Managing Partner

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At our core, Aarons Group is powered by the experience and network of our founder from 15+ years of employment at Corporate America in Fortune 150 companies, and 10+ years of non-profit, not-for-profit and governmental board service. 

What we've learned: people are at the heart of everything we do. Creating environments that are open, collaborative, and safe leads to approaches and strategies that are profitable and help people thrive.


Strategy Development

Whether you have a plan or need one, Aarons Group can help you build or refresh a diversity, equity, and inclusion plan to meet your needs, and integrate fully with culture change initiatives underway. Together, we can foster belonging among your employees, clients, partners, and the public.


Talent Partner

Looking to attract talent from a particular diversity dimension? Whether it's building a relationship with the Black and African descent community or starting partnerships with women engineers, Aarons Group can help you identify your target market and broker relationships that are mutually beneficial.


ERG Activation

Unsure of whether you need a multicultural employee resource group (ERG), a diversity council, or a business resource group? Maybe your ERGs are stalling and looking for new ways to grow? Aarons Group can help you conduct a needs assessment and match strategies to whichever stage you're in and where you're trying to go.


Executive Coaching

You have leaders that want to do the right thing but aren't sure where to start. You have identified executives to become inclusion champions and want to build their cultural competence and fluency. Whatever your situation, Aarons Group can pair you with a coach to guide your team on the next steps.


Next-Gen Development

You have identified your next generation of leaders and want to ensure they're prepared to lead a 21st century company. Aarons Group can help coach and develop your high potential people to take on new assignments as skilled managers and thought leaders.


Identity Campaign

When disruption occurs, getting to the other side of who you are now takes some work. Aarons Group can help you protect the timeless and tradition-bound parts of your identity and connect them with an updated brand that reflects the time-bound moment and sets the stage for who you aspire to become.


Speaker Prep

Have you been asked to moderate a panel discussion? Or to speak in front of an audience? Aarons Group can help you get ready for your debut in primetime and master the fundamentals of  executive presence while maintaining your authentic. You'll feel comfortable with every step you need to know.


Resume Review

Whether you are an experienced professional, getting ready to switch careers or industries, or fresh out of college, Aarons Group can help you position your experience in the best way to land the role you're looking for next.

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Our Partners

Aarons Group LLC is proud to work with strategic partners who mirror our values and commitment to excellence. These partnerships expand our ability to serve as a Tier I and Tier II consultant, being additional experience and expertise to meet the needs of our clients.


Ako Insurance Consulting LLC

Ako Insurance Consulting's interest is the diversification and increased representation of Black talent in the insurance industry. Ako has aggregated a group of individuals with the expertise and the experience to deliver intentional solutions to employers to enhance their diversity, recruiting and retention initiatives.


The KhafreWard Corporation

A boutique firm providing organizational design & transformational change, human resource consulting, leadership training, executive coaching, complimented by human capital & talent development services to clients across a wide spectrum of industries.


Emblem Strategic

We are “practical and tactical” – working with our clients on imagining and mapping their situation – but also on designing the solutions and supporting implementation and execution. We bring diverse and in-demand subject-matter experts to the table as needed. Ultimately, we strengthen a client’s capacity to achieve distinctive and sustainable impact and advantage.

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