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"Change is always happening around us, constantly disrupting how we live and work," says Omari Aarons, Founder and Managing Partner of Aarons Group LLC. "Especially when it comes to diversity and inclusion in the workplace, change challenges often long-held, deep-seated notions about what's right and fair that we have to examine. We are building language in real-time for how to do that."

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Let Us Be Part of The Solution

Aarons Group offers the comprehensive capabilities and deep bench strength needed to help you solve the most complex issues of your organization related to diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging. 

"I was deeply frustrated by being the only one in the room - the only person of color, the only Black person, the youngest, the lowest-ranked person," says Aarons. "There were always so many voices missing, people I knew who should be standing next to me who could add real value. I founded Aarons Group to bring together the missing voices and help organizations create tailored solutions to an age-old problem: helping people feel like they belong."

Today, Aarons Group helps individuals and companies through consultative services: 

  • ERG activation

  • executive coaching

  • next-generation leadership development

  • event prep

  • facilitation

  • talent planning

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Aarons Group LLC is a team of experts that helps our clients thrive as 21st-century companies.

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