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Inclusion Workshops

Aarons Group LLC offers a wide range of workshops to meet your needs. Each workshop is customized to meet the unique needs of your leadership team or organization. 

If you have something in mind, Aarons Group, together with our partners in the Ako Syndicate, Emblem Network and KhafreWard, can design a tailored experience for you.


Defining DEI

The words “diversity” and “inclusion” are often talked about, but many don’t know what that means for them. This workshop introduces DEI terminology - from microaggressions to antiracism - and invites attendees to explore their diversity dimensions and the lens they bring to their work.


From Ally to Accomplice

Diversity and inclusion is more than a passing movement. In this workshop, attendees will discover the allyship spectrum from bystander to accomplice and take steps to become a champion.

Business Meeting

Amplifying Diverse Voices

Data captures well the perspective of an organization’s majority demographics, yet much can be learned from underrepresented voices to create a more inclusive workplace. Attendees will learn three steps for leveraging unheard voices in everyday workplace interactions.

Business Meeting

Leading Inclusive Cultures

The public is demand for change extends to internal workplace culture. Participants will use a new methodology - moments that matter - to assess their employee value proposition and implement elements to make their workplace more inclusive.

Conversation Between Colleagues

Talk to us about your needs!

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